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We believe the work we do helps change lives – and that’s something we take to heart. For more than 60 years, Concord Dental Lab has maintained our reputation for trusted quality and technological excellence alongside our attention-to-detail and the focus we place on the experience of working with us.

A one-man company in 1962, Concord Dental Lab today includes more than 30 highly-skilled professionals and we’re proudly one of the fastest growing dental labs in New England.


Father + Son: Maintaining quality through a digital transformation.

We attribute our ongoing success to the Concord Dental Difference – dedicated people, trusted products, and unparalleled precision.

Michael Farago, MBA

Owner, Chief Executive Officer

Mike Farago is the driving force behind Concord Dental Lab becoming one of the fastest growing dental labs in New England today. Building the company from six people to a team of over 30, engaging CDL staff members in Mumbai, India, adding a removable department, and launching Dental Nexus, Mike is credited with the ground-up company redesign to embrace digital technology and position Concord Dental Lab at the forefront of the dental lab industry.

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Alumnus of Suffolk University, where Mike earned his BSBA in Business Management and later his MBA with a focus in Organizational Behavior, Mike’s expertise includes business management consulting, corporate mergers, and equities management. Working with firms ranging from small family businesses to large government organizations, Mike also managed a small consulting portfolio of private clients that he grew until he sold to a larger firm – one of the clients in that portfolio was his father’s company, Concord Dental Lab, which he held onto. Mike joined CDL in 2009 in the role of business manager before becoming owner and CEO in 2018. Mike serves on the National Association of Dental Laboratories Board of Directors.

Mike holds a seat on the MBA Advisory Board at Suffolk University, where he is a professor in the undergraduate business program. He also operates the Farago Group, LLC., a holding company for business and real estate that he buys, sells, and manages via his consulting channels. Mike and his wife, Brittany, live in North Reading, MA with their son, Leo.

Robert Farago, CDT

Founder, Director of Dental Technology

Prior to joining Concord Dental Lab in 1995 and becoming owner in 2004, Bob achieved the highest level of expertise in dental technology along with an unmatched comprehension of dental prosthetic principals in his work as private technician in the prosthodontic office of Dr. Lloyd Miller in Weston, MA. Working alongside Dr. Miller enabled Bob to gain exceptional insights on the dynamics of an effective working relationship between a skilled dentist and skilled technician.

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When Bob obtained CDL, he formed a skilled team of CDTs and implemented clear principles and systems for quality based on:

  • The fundamentals of dental technology could be organized into clearly-defined, standardized systems and procedures covering every detail of the manufacture of restorations
  • This unique road map to success would then be transferable to skilled technicians
  • A laboratory staffed by skilled technicians and dedicated to meeting the highest standards of quality, consistency, and service would attract talented, quality-focused dentists.

After mastering the production work-flow to create high-end consistency in every case, what remained was adding the technology and operational systems that allowed this streamlined team to produce in higher volumes. Bob’s son, Mike, joined the company as a business manager of this specific project. Bob sold Concord Dental Lab to his son in late 2018, and remains with the company working on the craft he has spent nearly 50 years mastering.


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