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An innovative approach
to excellent dentistry.

Technology and Systems

Leading the way in people-first dental technology.

Role of Technology

Since the beginning, dentistry has been an intersection of craft and technology, and when applied correctly, can advance the way we provide solutions for patients. We utilize new and evolving technologies to provide the highest level of consistency, accuracy, and efficiency.

But our true skill comes from the people behind the tools. The human touch that’s apparent in every bridge, crown, implant, and more showcases a level of care not often found in our high-speed industry.

Role of Systems

To maximize our efficiency as a modern dental lab, we’ve implemented innovative systems to move faster, more accurately, and in all ways, exceed the standards of other precision manufacturing industries. This allows us to be more accountable, more accurate, efficient, comprehensive, and methodical in all areas of our business.

Our Facility

State of the art for sixty years.

Designed to meet industry specific needs, our Westford, MA based lab includes leading-edge technology, optimized by a digital workflow.


Ensure the best in crowns, implants, removable products.

From metal-free to metal-based fixed crowns with removable full denture products alongside partials and frames, we craft more than 30 products and provide trusted turn-times to ensure the best solution for every situation.

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