We believe a dental lab should be more than a milling center. It should be an integral partner in the growth of your practice. As established experts in the dental restoration industry, we take the extra time to provide practices with additional services that leverage our expertise.

Shade Matching

Because shade matching is often a critical step in crafting natural-looking restorations, we offer shade taking services in our lab. Simply have your patient call us to schedule an appointment. If your patients are unable to visit our lab or prefer to do your own shade matching, refer to our shade photography guide to ensure your cases’ shading is communicated to us and reproduced as accurately as possible.

CDL President Bob Farago has developed a simple and inexpensive method for doctors to match shades in their practice and communicate it with our lab. Contact our office if you are interested in setting up a time to have Bob visit your practice and go over our shade-matching system with you and your staff.

Technology Consulting

Technology revolutionized the way dental labs and general practitioners approach the restorative process, but it can be difficult just to keep up with the latest innovations. Because we work with practices at all stages of adopting the digital workflow, we welcome questions about new equipment and technology from all our clients. We’re also available to meet with you to discuss intraoral scanning technology and help provide feedback – and questions for sales representatives – to help you select the scanner that best fits your practice’s needs.

If in-office milling is something you are considering, we are here to help with that as well. We welcome this technology and know that these systems are great when paired with the right practice, but can mean financial ruin for the wrong one. We have worked with nearly every system and have independently sourced ROI information available for our clients - NOT the ROI information from the manufacturers that promise to save you millions, and lose weight too! We also have a designated workspace in our lab available for clients to come finish a restoration to get a feel for what goes in to fabricating chair-side restorations.