As a lab with more than fifty years experience in crafting dental restorations, we know that technology isn’t a replacement for skill and knowledge. Likewise, experience isn’t a substitute for the latest technology. In knowing this, we have always adopted the latest technological equipment to augment our staff’s skills. We accept STL files from most major scanning platforms, including 3M™ True Definition, 3Shape Trios and iTero™ scanners.


3Shape D700

As the bridge between traditional dentistry and the digital workflow, a scanner is the foundation of all CAD/CAM restorations. With the capability to scan both impressions and models, the 3Shape D700’s twin-camera scan is accurate to 10 microns on crown and bridge cases.

Roland® DWX-50 Mill

This powerful five-axis milling allows the DWX-50 to create lifelike occlusion before our technicians put their finishing touches on each restoration. With the capability to mill zirconia, PMMA and Lava™ Ultimate, the DWX-50 crafts restorations with the precision to seat with minimal chairside adjustment.